An easier way to manage your Passwords?


The problem today is that we need to remember too many

Using one password for everything is a security

There is an easier way to manage and remember all
your passwords.

Use a password management tool…

KeePass is a free and secure password management tool that performs well.

KeePass also has a free portable version.

The portable version is great because it means you can carry
it with you when necessary and does not have to be installed on the computer you are using.

You can download the free KeePass version here:

KeePass will also help you with the following:
  1. Generate long and complex passwords that are difficult to hack.
  2. Set a date when a password should expire, so you can set a new password regularly.
  3. Tell you exactly what the user name and password is for the tools or websites you use.
  4. You can lock and encrypt your password management so that you are the only one with access to it.
  5. Delete any password information from the computer's clipboard memory and hard drive.
This is the free and easy way to remember and manage your passwords.

You can spare yourself the hassle of having to phone the bank and SARS because you have forgotten your password.

Remember that it is a good idea to change passwords regularly especially for sites like your bank account.

KeePass should help you with all of this and it is easy to learn how to manage KeePass so your information is always secure.

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