Automatic Backup and Synchronizing Files Between Computers

One of my favourite tools is undoubtedly dropbox –



Because I work off two laptops, I always have to transfer documents between the two laptops. Copying and pasting files onto a USB stick got boring and cumbersome after a while.

Another issue I had was the backing up of important documents. No matter how many times I am told to backup my important work or documents, I just never got round to doing it.

So this was the objective:

1. Find a way to automatically backup important files or documents without manual intervention, and

2. Find an easier way to synchronize files between my work computer and my personal computer. In other words whatever changes I make on my work laptop, I will be able to see those changes on my on personal laptop without the need to copy and paste onto a USB stick.

Dropbox is perfect for the two objectives above. Once you have installed the dropbox software on your computers, it is very simple to use. And you don’t have to learn anything new.

Here is how it works….

I installed dropbox on both my laptops following the easy installation procedure. When done, dropbox created a new folder in the main My Documents folder as in the picture below.


All I do now is save my important documents to the My Dropbox folder on both laptops. That’s all.

When I do this, dropbox performs an automatic backup whenever I am connected to the internet.

Apart from just doing an automatic backup, it also synchronizes the documents on the two laptops.

Which means that if I make changes on one laptop, the changes will automatically appear on my other laptop so I don’t have to copy and paste files using a USB stick to transfer files between my laptops.

In addition, I can also access all my files on the secure server via the internet even if I don’t have both laptops with me. For instance, if I am travelling somewhere and don’t have my laptops. It’s elegant stuff!


My summation of dropbox:

The Good: Dropbox is free up to 2gigs of secure server space. The solution also works on Mac (including iPhone) and Linux machines.

It is secure and it is easy to install.

The Bad: I wish they could offer more free secure server space :-)


You can download dropbox using this link:

Dropbox Info

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  1. Very cool tip ! I use it too now. Tt's so reassuring to know that somewhere in cyber-space my stuff is secure and accessible anywhere ! Thanks


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