Get Things Done with a more intelligent To Do List


I have a number of work related projects running at the same time. On top of that, there are some personal issues that I need to attend to.

My to do list was just getting out of hand. The biggest problem was that certain tasks have a number of other little tasks (sub-tasks) that I have to complete first to get the main task done. 

Here is how I solved the problem… 

The objective:

1. Find a more intelligent way to manage my to do list.
2. Keep everything I have to do in one place so that I don’t forget anything.

So…I know I hit the jackpot when I found this little tool called Task Coach.


It has a few features which are absolutely useful to me.

  • I can split a major task into three areas as follows: Task Category, Task, and Sub-task.
  • If I want to, I can track the time I am spending on a task. This is useful for me and helps me prioritize certain tasks. Also I can show a client how much time I have spent on a project if necessary.
The picture below shows what I am saying:

(Click on the image to enlarge it)

There are other things I can do as well like:
* add an attachment to a task (documents etc)
* add a note
* email the task
* mark as complete
* and some other functions that I haven’t used yet.
Here is my summation of Task Coach:

The Good:
Task Coach is free software, you can download it here:

Apart from Windows, Task Coach also has Mac and Linux versions. have a portable version of Task Coach. If you want to run Task Coach from your USB flash drive here is the link:

The Bad:
Ummm….nada at the moment. I am quite happy with it. I will update this when I find something.

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