How to download videos from YouTube?


If you have a slow internet connection, then watching videos on YouTube is not a great experience.

Instead of watching the video online, download the video that you want to watch to your computer and watch it offline. Here is how to do this...

The solution you need is:

Here is a screen shot of YouTube Downloader:

YouTube Downloader

My experience using this tool:

The Good

I find it easy to use. It also has the intelligence to automatically detect the video you want to download if you have the correct page already open on YouTube.

The Bad

A lot of videos on YouTube are bad quality and when you download them they get a bit worse. To solve this problem I download the videos in high quality or HD.

The Bottom Line

When you find a great video on YouTube and of good quality. This is the best way to go for me.

I now have a nice little collection of YouTube videos.

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