Google Search tricks for non techie people

Entering a few words into the Google search engine can produce a million hits.

The best way to reduce the time you spend searching and actually finding information is to improve your basic search skills.

Here are a few ninja search tricks that will improve your Google search skills.
  • To find out what time it is in a specific city
Simply enter the question: “what time is it in (city x)?”
See example below:
  • To find out an amount in a different currency
Simply enter the amount, currency and the conversion you want. See example below.
  • To find images of people, not of objects in Google’s image search
Type in the name of an image and add this parameter: “= face”
So for example if you are looking for Tiger Woods, you can type the search as follows in Google: woods = face. This way, you will not get a bunch of trees (woods) when you hit the search button.
See example below:
  • Make comparisons
Do a search based on comparisons such as “better than” or “similar to”
See example below:
  • Metrics and other measures
You can do measurement related queries such as: cups in a litre, acres in a hectare, teaspoons in a cup, kilograms in a pound etc.
See example below:
NB: For more information on Google’s calculation features go to this page: Calculator
  • Next is the cheat sheet recommended by Google in their help section
NB: Notice that the last section is showing you how to use Google as a basic calculator.
  • And finally, some advanced tricks recommended by Google

As you can see, there is more to search than meets the eye.
If you have thoughts or any questions on this, leave a comment below.

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