MP3 Motivators

MP3During my years in corporate, and in trying to cope with the hectic life of Jozi, I accumulated a lot of motivational material: books, cd’s, dvd’s, that kind of thing.

Getting through the material was not easy. Most of the time, I would simply fall asleep when trying to pay attention.

I eventually found a way to get through the material…and remain awake.

Listen to the material whilst driving to work or back home from work.

Typically, I would spend about 45mins to an hour in traffic. So this was time well spent listening to the material.

This worked pretty well for a while until I run out of cd’s to listen to.

So eventually, I started downloading learning mp3’s from the internet. And the site I have used over the years is Learn Out


Because I have been a subscriber of the site for so long, I have accumulated some very good free training material from Learn Out Loud’s free audio directory.

I had the iPod fixed up with a car kit so I could listen to the mp3’s in the car.

I now have free training on wheels. Time on the road well spent!

Sharp sharp…

You can visit Learn out by clicking here

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