What I like about Thunderbird…


After using Microsoft Outlook email for so many years. I needed a change…

So I got something cooler…

Thunderbird, is very cool, and this is what I like about it:

  • Browse websites directly within emails.
  • Create very cool email signatures.
  • Integration with Gmail or other Webmail provider.
  • Two-way calendar sync with Google’s online Calendar.

On its own, Thunderbird is a fast and simple email software. But when you add some clever extensions to it, it transforms into a cool, sophisticated but easy to use application.

You can see all the extensions for Thunderbird at this link:


Here are the Thunderbird extensions I am using:

This is what it all looks like…


My email signature looks like this at the moment:


My Summary

The Good

After installing Thunderbird, I used the Add-ons menu option in Thunderbird to add Lightening, WiseStamp and ThunderBrowse which made it easy.

Linking Thunderbird to Gmail was also easy. To link to Google’s online calendar have a look at this post on Sunbird (works the same).

The Bad

Linking to Google’s online Calendar needs a bit of learning and not as intuitive as the other functions. But worth it when you get it right.

The Bottom Line

This is a very cool email application and a nice change from Microsoft Outlook. When it’s all up and running…it’s lovely.

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