Copy music from your iPod


You may want to sync music on your iPod with another computer for many reasons e.g. your laptop simply won’t work.

iTunes syncs in one direction. But here is how to copy music from iPod to PC/Mac…

You need a piece of software that can copy, edit or delete music on your iPod.

You need something like this lovely free tool: Sharepod.

(NB: Mac users can use Expod (click here for latest version).


Here is how it works:


Select your music then click “Copy to PC”; Select your copy option below and click Ok.


It took about 10mins to copy my 1353 songs.

My Summary

The Good

At last my wife and I can now share one iPod. We had one iPod stolen and we don’t intend replacing it.

Click here to get the latest version of Sharepod.

Click here for latest version of Expod.

The Bad

Let us know if you find something.

The Bottom Line

iTunes assumes that you are trying to steal music off your iPod confused.emoticon !?

And yet there are many scenarios that will require you to copy music off your iPod.

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  1. VERY helpful article. Another HUGE reason to use it is when you want to copy specific songs off your friends ipod without deleting/replacing/messing up their ipods. That can be a total nightmare! Thanks.


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