How to create a beautiful email signature in Gmail


Are you still manually typing in your email signature in Gmail?

A great looking email signature helps you market yourself.

The following tool will help you design a great looking signature for your Gmail email…
First off, if you are still using Internet Explorer, this tool is not going to work. But maybe it’s time for you to try a new browser like Chrome.
  • Install WiseStamp in Chrome.
Here is the WiseStamp page where you can download it:

  • Next…create your signature.
Here is a sample of my very simple signature:


The cool things in the signature above:
  • WiseStamp inserts my Twitter account, Skype, email and website.
  • Using a slightly more advanced feature, it also inserts a link to my latest blog post.
  • You can also insert your Facebook or Linkedin id’s. Very cool!
To create your own signature once WiseStamp has been installed, click on the “Tools” menu. You should see WiseStamp there. Click on it to start creating your own signature.
  • Enable Gmail to use your WiseStamp signature.
Once you are done creating your signature, open up your Gmail account. Click on “Compose” as you usually do when you want to send an email. Now do this in the compose window…
Click on the “Rich Formatting” button (example below):

  • Clicking “Rich formatting” automatically inserts your WiseStamp signature.
That’s it, you are done.

Every time you want to send an email with your signature, just click “Rich formatting” and WiseStamp will insert your carefully crafted signature.

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