Graduating from Microsoft Paint


There has been many times when I’ve had to do some basic picture editing, especially for some scanned document.

Many times Microsoft Paint has come to the rescue. But I have finally graduated…

These days I use Open Office Draw. It’s quite easy to use. I use it for:

  • Basic picture editing.
  • Flow charts (still learning the art of flow charts).
  • Fancy looking diagrams.

You can download Open Office Draw here (includes other office products).

It is an easy move from…


My Summary

The Good

Open Office Draw is easy to use. And it really shines when doing some basic editing on two or more pictures.

The Bad

You can’t save documents directly into jpeg, bitmap etc. But that is why I have this Screen Capture tool.

The Bottom Line

Open Office Draw combined with a Screen Capture makes for easy picture editing, diagrams and flow charts. Give it a try. You might just like it :-)

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