Organize your applications on Windows with this easy tool


Are you tired of searching for your applications buried in the Windows Start menu.
I am…so I’m now using this little tool to stay organized…
The best way to get to and find the applications on your computer quickly, is to organize them into categories.

FSL Launcher does a neat job of this. Here is how it looks:

  • Create categories for the applications you use.
  • Drag and drop these applications from the Windows Start menu into the correct category above.
  • Launch your applications from FSL Launcher from now on.
My Summary

The good
This will speed up how you get to your applications instead of scrolling through the start menu which is very disorganized.

The Bad
Will take you at least 15mins to learn how to use this correctly.

The Bottom Line
Ahh…much better than the start menu. More organized and you know exactly were your applications are!
You can get the latest version of the free FSL Launcher here.


  1. Hey Lesedi. You Mac users have a very nice applications launcher at the bottom of the screen :-) Unlike Windows users stuck with the not-so-nice looking start menu. In any case will look into it.


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