What I like about VLC.


You spent 20mins choosing a DVD. Popcorn ready, you put the movie in DVD player, but: “Can’t Play DVD, Wrong Region.”

After cursing in the general direction of the DVD rental store, you turn to VLC…

The all-in-one; play almost anything on a DVD, VCD, Audio CD on a server, desktop or USB stick in multiple formats media player.

No wonder this application is being downloaded at a rate of 4.6 per second and over 120 million downloads.

So, for the “Can’t Play DVD, Wrong Region” problem. Here is the solution using VLC.

You can still watch the movie if you have a laptop/Mac/Desktop with a DVD player. Install VLC on your machine.

  1. Pop the DVD into the player
  2. Don’t let the movie start automatically. Close everything.
  3. Open VLC and click File…Open Disc
  4. Select DVD, then OK (see picture below)
  5. Your Movie should play now.


You can download the latest version of VLC here…

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  1. Great ! I hate that "Wrong Region" message !

    Someone asked me the other day how to connect their laptop to the TV screen. I said you need a cable...errr....not sure which one though. Can you help ?


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