Work better with web applications


Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia etc are web applications.

Browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox etc, are designed for browsing - not to run web applications.
But this tool below LOVES web applications…
Designed from the ground up to run web applications, Mozilla Prism, makes it feel as if the applications running on the internet, are actually running directly on your desktop.


Mozilla prism, does the following:
  • None of this nonsense of first waiting for your browser to open, then finding the shortcut or typing in the url for the site you want to visit, then waiting for the page to load etc etc.
  • With prism, just click the icon on your desktop and the application opens up. Like you do with Word and Excel.
Here is how it works:


You now have Gmail running as if it is right on your desktop.

Here is a screenshot of Google Docs running on prism:

Click image to enlarge:
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My Summary

The Good

The real benefit of Prism is that it speeds up working with online applications.

I have tried Gmail, Wikipedia, Google Docs, Picasa, Twitter and other apps, and they are much faster in Prism than in a browser. For me this is the real benefit – speed.
Prism works on both Mac and PC (Mac users also check out Fluid here).

The Bad

For some reason the shortcut icons created by prism for the applications look very ugly. Not sure why.

The Bottom Line

Web applications have a lot to offer and they are here to stay, so finding a way to work better with web apps is a smart thing to do. Plus they are free!

To download the latest version of prism: click here

Give it a try and let us know what you think, post your comments below.

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