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This article covers adsl monitoring; adsl usage tracking; and how to conduct a Telkom adsl line speed test in a non technical way.

Doing these uncomplicated three things will help you confirm that you are getting the service you are paying for from Telkom.

Adsl monitoring

NB: It is rare that you get the exact speed that you are paying for.

Example – Telkom state in their service agreement that if you have a 512kbps adsl line then you should expect a minimum download speed of 416kbps and maximum upload speed of only 256kbps.

Therefore monitoring the speed you are actually getting is important.

You need a simple tool that will help you monitor your adsl line.

Networkx is a simple tool used for adsl tracking and adsl monitoring. It is available as a free download here. Download it and install it on your computer.

Speed monitoring with Networkx

Networkx has a speed monitoring tool called Speed Meter. Here is how it looks like:

  • The key metric you should watch is the Maximum Transfer Rate speed. In the picture above the rate is 454kbps (on a 512kbps line) which is above the Telkom minimum of 416kbps. Therefore the speed is good.

Adsl usage tracker

Using Networkx you can also track how much data your computer has sent and received. This is especially useful if you have a capped adsl line or usage quota. Here is how it looks like.

  • This usage report will give you hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly usage statistics.
To see how much data you have used against your quota (or cap), you can use the Quota view. This tool helps you track a daily quota or a monthly quota. The example below shows daily quota tracking.

  • The data above shows that 25.39MB of 50MB (51%) has been used for the day. 50MB is the daily quota used for this example but you can set your own daily or monthly quota as required.
So with one tool (Networx) you can monitor the speed of your adsl line and track how much data you are actually using every month. You can use this information to keep your service provider honest.

Telkom adsl line speed test

Generally speaking, you might want to do a Telkom line speed test soon after your adsl line has been installed just to confirm that they have installed the correct line speed.
Here is how you can do this easily.
  • Go to this link: click here
  • Choose one of the test options to test your ADSL link. The Gamco test has a nice graphical result for the test. Try it it’s easy to use.
  • If your test shows a speed above the minimum speed specified by Telkom then your adsl line has been installed correctly. You should be worried about anything below the minimum speed from Telkom. Click here for the minimum speeds specified by Telkom.

Using an independent tool like Networkx to monitor the speed of your adsl and track your usage is a good way to determine that you are getting the service you are paying for. Use Networkx and the Telkom speed test above to get an insight into what you actually getting on your adsl line.
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