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This is an easy tool that allows you to convert and share videos or music between your different devices - Camera, DVD, CD, iPod, mobile phone, voice recorder, PC, etc.

So for example with this tool, you can convert videos from your camera (MOV format) to YouTube format (FLV), or convert a CD to MP3 format (for your cell phone) and vice versa.

This then gives you the flexibility to transfer your music and videos between your different mobile devices or onto the internet.

Multimedia converter freeware

Format Factory is a multimedia converter that helps you share videos and music from different sources by converting them into the format your preferred device supports. So you can do things like converting a DVD or CD into a format supported by your mobile phone or iPhone. 

Mobile converter

Popular cell phones supported by Format Factory include Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, HTC etc. See below for full list of supported phones.


Video Converter

A video format is dependent on the device you used to record the video or whether you downloaded the video from the internet. Here is the list of video formats supported by Format Factory for conversion.
> AVI converter
> WMV converter
> MP4 converter
> 3GP converter
> RMVB converter
> MKV converter
> MPG converter
> VOB converter
> MOV converter
> FLV converter
> SWF converter
> GIF converter

Audio Converter

Just as in the case of video formats, the format of an audio is dependent on the source of the audio for example: CD, voice recorder, cell phone etc. Here is a the list of audio formats supported by Format Factory which will allow you to convert the files to the format you want.
> MP3 converter
> WMA converter
> FLAC converter
> AAC converter
> MMF converter
> AMR converter
> M4R converter
> OGG converter
> MP2 converter
> WAV converter
> WaVPack converter

Picture Converter

In addition to video and audio, Format Factory also supports picture conversion for the following formats.
> JPG converter
> PNG converter
> ICO converter
> BMP converter
> GIF converter
> TIF converter
> PCX converter
> TGA converter


Because Format Factory supports many popular file formats you can use it as your all in one tool. For instance as your media for mobile phone converter, iPod converter or mp3 converter.
Format Factory is freeware and you can download it at the following link: Format Factory.
Here is a list of other format converters you can also check out:

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