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Ok. Where do I begin?… So while the world has been steadily and swiftly moving on I’ve been sleeping….well… let me not exaggerate, I’ve been sleep-walking!

It’s true. Words like bbm, google talk, twitter/tweet/tweetstream, itrip, download, upload, blogging, skyping, vlog, podcast, bookmark, adsl, push email, widget and a million other words have been revolutionizing the world! Where was I when this was happening? Sleeping.I just couldn’t be bothered to pay attention – and that’s the sad truth.

Why? I had convinced myself that all this stuff was for techie geeks, a guy-thing - it just required too much effort and concentration. I’d rather be kicking back watching an episode of “Sex and the City” with a glass of wine!

The thing is, some of those words I do recognise but….I ..…eerrr… I don’t quite know what they actually mean and, more importantly, how to use them and why they are even useful!?!

I used to laugh at my mother who was so afraid of the video machine (yes, video not DVD!) that she simply refused to touch it. She’d shout instructions, to us kids, from the safe distance of the sofa - “please record that for me” or “please put in that video for me”. We were her remote control. Question is I’m a 30-something, bright woman – why/how/when did I start morphing into my mother???Blackberry-Bold2

So, why the sudden revelation? What made sleeping beauty arise from her reverie? Well, I got my first blackberry. O-M-G ! Where the hell have I been??? There is just soooooo much out there my head is spinning. So much GREAT, life altering, simplifying, time saving stuff!

I’m the first to admit that I usually zone out when all talk turns technological BUT to be able to bbm my friends in another country for FREE, to find my car in a shopping mall using my phone, to send voice messages for FREE using google talk, to read the headlines on the daily newspaper without (a) buying it and (b) booting up my laptop, inserting my 3G card and surfing the net, to take videos and instantly upload them onto my facebook page without using a cable…is, well, quite simply, absolutely fabulous!

Every week I’ll be writing a column of my latest ‘bargain’ find! Stuff that I use and find useful. No techno bumpf, no instructions, no manual – just opinion. Awaken dear earthlings!


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