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Are you getting tired of the million results in Google?

Sometimes Google can waste your time with too many results and not enough quality.
I’ve found some tools that can help. Here are my two favourites at the moment:
SimilarWeb and Xmarks.

SimilarWeb works in the FireFox browser so you will have to get yourself FireFox.

You can install it into Firefox by going to their website here:
Here is how it works.

It runs in a column on the left hand side (see picture below).

As you are browsing, it shows you similar websites to the current website you are on. This way, you discover other websites with similar information a lot faster.

I have found great websites and with great information using this tool.
Xmarks is even easier to use.

Just go to their website:

On their site, you will see a box to enter a search term or a website (see picture below).
I usually just enter a website to find similar websites.

The only problem with Xmarks is that if you enter a site that is not very popular you won’t get any results.
Other than that, I find if very useful in finding information a lot faster.

Xmarks Picture (click on picture to go their website):


SimilarWeb Picture (showing sites in the left column similar to


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