Handbag vs Blackberry..and the winner is…


An ex-boyfriend of mine used to say that there were three of us in our relationship – me, him and my handbag! I ended it, of course. Not because of the handbag comment….that wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back. Needless to say my handbag and I have remained firm friends over many, many years……or…. so I thought….

The other day I’d just made myself a sandwich for lunch and was carrying it into the lounge. Plate in one hand, glass of water in the other and…to my amazement….dangling precariously over the glass of water….. a third item I don’t even remember picking up…..my blackberry !! When did that happen? When did I start moving from room to room with it attached to my palm???

To be honest, I know when it started. It started when I got it – about 2 months ago – and I’ve been congratulating myself ever since. Life pre-BB seems a bit of a blur. Normally, a creature of habit, I’ve been getting the latest and smallest Nokia every upgrade. The BB looked a bit too complicated for me - what with the qwerty keyboard and all! Why would I have to use 2 hands to use a cell phone for goodness sake?

Oh how wrong I was!! The pleasant little chirp that signals a new present being delivered is like music to my ears. I spend a couple of seconds wondering what little surprise is waiting for me behind the next click- is it going to be an email, an sms, a BBM, a google talk message, a tweet, a facebook message? Who knows, who cares – someone is thinking of me, me, ME !!!!

I’m a new woman. I’ve all but abandoned my laptop, I don’t get impatient waiting in queues/waiting rooms/meetings, not when I have internet access at the ready and can do anything I choose. In fact…I’ve just realized… I hardly ever use it to make calls !!! Why talk to someone - it just seems so 20th century!

Like the video player in the 90s with the green timer flashing 0:00 for years, I know I haven’t worked out all the features! But I’m determined to make an effort.

Oooo….another message…..it’s a BBM. My friend in Cape Town is telling me to check out “Crack” berry dot com. Hmmm, I wonder why?


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