How to use Linkedin like a Pro

 After breaking his arm, Lewis Howes stayed at home and spent six to eight hours every day tinkering with Linkedin to figure out how it works. He apparently had nothing better to do.

In any case, he did this for about six months and actually figured out a few useful tricks.

His best advice is as follows: 

1. Think of the industry you are in. If people had to search for you on Google what keywords would they use? 

2. Once you figure out what these keywords are, include them in your write up in the following sections of your Linkedin profile:
  • Headline
  • Current experience
  • Past experiences
  • Summary
  • List of specialties
But remember, Linkedin is for networking so don’t write up your profile as if you are writing a CV or a search engine smart page!

So what is the point of doing the above?

Well the point is, people look for people on LinkedIn. More specifically, they look for people they may want to do some work with.

So lots of people go to the Linkedin search engine and type in a keyword such us Author, Doctor or IT Security Specialist. If these keywords apply to you but you have not included them in your profile then your name will not show up in the search results. Not a good thing, obviously.

So if you haven’t included any keywords in your Linkedin profile, it might be a good idea to go and fix it especially in all the sections listed above.

If you want a bit more info on this strategy, check out this short video interview with Lewis Howes below. You can also check out his book on at this link.

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