When YouTube is slow and frustrating! Download the video...


I do a lot of research on the internet which includes having to watch a LOT of videos to learn something new. So I don’t have time to wait for a video on YouTube to first load onto the screen before I can play it.

So after plenty of searching for a solution to this, I finally came across one that works brilliantly.
It even works for other video sites and not just YouTube.

The solution is via a tool called Speedbit.

The way it works is simple…

Go to the video you want to watch, press play, and Speedbit will start flashing as it detects that you are trying to play a video. When it’s flashing, click on it and it will download the video onto your computer faster than if you try to play the video on the internet. For me…it’s brilliant.

I’ve also found that it works much better with the Firefox browser so get yourself Firefox.
Speedbit in Firefox (quick download):


Real Player is an excellent alternative to the above, check it out here:

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