Anti-Spyware! What’s That?


By Martin Walshaw…

SO, in the previous article, I mentioned some cheap (i.e. free) alternatives to commercial Anti-Virus Packages out there. Here I would like to write about great Anti-Spyware (and other interesting extra’s). Now the 1st question is always “Why do I need Anti-Spyware if I already have Anti-Virus”, and the answer is fairly simple.

Anti-Spyware Solutions provide a different type of protection than Anti-Virus Programs.

Don’t get me wrong though, some of the bigger Anti-Virus programs provide both Anti-virus Protection as well as Anti-Spyware. In this article I am specifically looking at Anti-Malware.

These Programs are essentially there to ensure that confidential information does not leave your computer without your knowledge. These Applications attempt to detect and remove things from your computer that try to steal personal information about you such as passwords on your computer; or finding out which websites you visit on a regular basis so they can target spam or other things at you.

Anti-Malware is also used for stopping key loggers (which are programs that attempt to see what buttons you are pressing on a keyboard in an attempt to see confidential information).

From my perspective, Anti-Spyware tools can in some cases be run continuously and in other case sporadically.

Below are examples of cost effective Anti-Spyware programs. Get yourself one and prevent your personal information from leaving your computer without your knowledge.

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