Are you a professional? Why you need a blog.

As part of its suite of apps, Google provides a powerful but free blogging app called Blogger.

As a professional why should you care? Why do you need to have a blog?

Here is an answer that you might already be aware of…

At the beginning of this Internet “thing”, people and companies where doing research on competing products and companies. These days, people are doing research on YOU because of social networks and consumer generated media (aka blogging)...

You may have heard these words spoken by someone recently, “Let's Google this person and find out who they are!”

A few search terms in Google later and viola, a hundred results about the person.

Just yesterday I was looking at my Linkedin status, and it boldly said something like this, “You have appeared 14 times in search results in the past 5 days and your profile has been viewed 9 times in the past 4 days”.

Who are these people viewing profiles and what do they want?

Here is another example of what's going on.

I was talking on the phone to my brother in-law in the UK last night about IT related subjects, and he made an interesting comment about how students in the UK are beginning to hide their Facebook statuses to stop would be employers from spying on them!

So why do you need a blog as a professional?

Well, it’s because you need to put your best foot forward on the Internet and do a little Online Reputation Management.

Just imagine this for a second…

You are bidding for a project or trying to get that hot job. Your competition is as good as you, they are just as skilled, just as experienced and all other things are equal.

Your potential customer or employer is confused, “Hmm…who should I pick? I know…let me Google it!”

The search results reveal the following, your competitor has a Facebook page with nice pictures of their pet cat.

You on the other hand, have a professional blog showing success stories, past experience, articles you’ve written, video demonstrations, your podcasts, ideas, and other people leaving comments about how good you are.

Who do you think has the better chance of getting the deal or the job?

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