Soho…not just a trendy part of London-town!


One of my favourite hang out spots in Johannesburg is Melville. It’s got the fabulous restaurants spilling out on to the streets, the eclectic bars, the vibe…everything.

Dingy and a bit dodgy by day - alive and kicking at night!

It’s a smaller version of Soho in London. I love, love, love Soho. You’ll find a posh gentlemen’s piano bar next door to “Madame Jojo’s” – a transvestite cabaret club. Every kind of exotic cuisine, bar, small theatre and club you can think of. Fab!

So when I overheard someone talking about Soho the other day, my ears pricked up! Hmph… Turns out Soho is also an acronym – of course it is, I live in the land of acronyms! (SA is one for starters!)

Soho stands for ‘Small office, home office’. Not quite as exciting as a restaurant-ville but nonetheless, something to be excited about considering it’s actually recognized as a growing community. One that I unknowingly joined when I decided to chuck in the fulltime job and go it alone. In fact, you’re probably a member yourself and don’t even know it.

What happens here…? Well, it basically applies to anyone who works from home or spends time doing any kind of work from home. Anyone who has a corner of their house, flat, bedroom, bed, (or even their lap) sectioned off to form some kind of office space. Mine is actually mobile – I’m either in the bedroom, lounge, garden or the study – depending on my mood.

So what this community does is it provides stuff, usually for free, to other Soho members. Free tools and software – anything that’s free has to be worth looking at particularly when you’re a fulltime member of Soho, like me, and you don’t have access to your ex-employer’s software licenses and budget for stuff to build your own Soho.

Believe me, you’ll need and appreciate all the freebies you can get. The problem is you really have to search for the stuff and if you’re anything like me, I don’t do ‘searching’!

You know when there’s a clothes sale and they’ve stuffed all the 75% off items on a single rail, in no particular order, and people are climbing in, elbowing each other and yanking at stuff? Ugh! I hate it. I’m just not a searcher. I don’t have the time or inclination. It’s true.

So when it comes to searching for Soho bargains – I just can’t! I don’t want to test it, I don’t want to spend hours installing it, I don’t want to know what so-and-so from some little town in Horseville has to say about it. If it’s good and will make my life easier, I just want it to work. Full stop!

I’ll give you a quick tip for free (because I am Soho-ite)…I’m a fan of google’s search function. Isn’t everyone? Anyway, did you know that there are shortcuts to using google and searching without it taking forever and without having to wade through a million hits? No elbow action required. It’s great!

Just check out these two articles to see what I mean:

Until next week fellow Soho-ites!

Bridget Ndlovu-Jones is Black. British. Zimbabwean. 30 something. Married. Confused.….AND she has blog site of her own. You can visit it here: Bridget Ndlovu-Jones.

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