Have you heard of the Google Chrome OS?

Google wants you to answer one simple question…How much time do you spend on the Internet versus just using your computer for word processing or creating spreadsheets?

Google seems to think that because of web apps like Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, News, Gmail etc, you probably spend more than 90% of your time on a laptop actually on the Internet.

This thinking naturally leads to another question…if we spend 90% of the time on laptops on the Internet, why do we need Windows (or some other operating system) if all we want to do is get onto the Internet browser?  Google’s answer is that you don’t need Windows, and that’s why they have created Google Chrome OS.

Watch this video for a very good overview of Google Chrome Os. Essentially, it is a browser, which can run on a laptop without the need for Windows...

Now remember, if you think you spend more that 90% of your time on your computer actually on the Internet, then this innovation may influence how your computer will look like in the future!

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