Can Google Help Your Business?

A lot of people still think Google is just a search engine that helps them find stuff on the Internet. That is far from the truth.
Google.SearchThese days Google is far from being just a search engine.

Google has in fact put together a collection of tools that can help you RUN your business on a limited budget!
If you are intrigued. Here is how…

It is logical for me to assume that your business already does (or will do) in some fashion the following three things: 
  • COMMUNICATE e.g. email and telephone
  • TEAM UP internally on a given task, and
  • ADMIN e.g. quoting and invoicing customers.
The real question here is - how can you do all this stuff for you company on a limited budget and in a way that reflects your professionalism?

There are many solutions and Google’s collection of business tools is certainly amongst the best that I’ve seen.

Google’s portfolio of free services you can use in your business is staggering, ranging from GPS Navigation to free internal phone calls.

However, for this article I will present a view of Google’s services from an altitude of 10, 000 feet.

The following picture illustrates how you can leverage Google’s tools in your business.
Google Eagle View

In short, the picture above is attempting to illustrate the following…

Your business, no matter how big or small it is, will need tools to communicate both internally and externally. You will also need tools when you need to work on something with other people (in a team). On top of all this, your business will need tools for all the admin work such as quoting and invoicing your customers. And like a modern day business person that you are, you probably want to have access to these tools from anywhere; whether at home, the office or travelling.

The power of using tools that work very well together cannot be overstated. I have seen a business owner’s life improve just from being able to share his calendar with his assistant without having to use the same computer or password. And then being able to view that calendar from his smart mobile phone whenever his assistant makes changes to the calendar.

And by the way, what I have just described above, as simple as it may sound, is still out of the reach of many organizations large and small.

Here are some pertinent questions for you, the business owner: Do you need email? Do you need a calendar? Do you need to share documents? Do you need to backup documents? Do you need to train people? Do you need a website? Do you need to share videos? Do you need directions to get to your customers?

If you are saying yes to most of these questions, it’s time to take a closer look at that company behind your beloved search engine.

And just in case you were wondering, this website is running on Google’s free tool: Blogger. 

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