A review of the DSTV Drifta

First let me be plain, I am an addicted soccer fan. When an important game is on and I am somewhere were I can’t watch it, I do find it hard to concentrate when my wife is talking to me.
I have found a few ingenious ways to keep track of a game if I can’t find a way to watch it on HD Telly. You know, like a normal person.

If I have my trusty smart phone with me (I have an Android smart phone), then I will follow what’s happening using Twitter. This is always an interesting option. People complaining and swearing on Twitter and the like because of the game.

If I have access to a laptop then I follow the live text commentary on ESPN. Believe me I’ve tried searching for live Internet radio broadcasts but it seems the English Premiership is diligent in preventing these broadcasts outside of England. (Please post a comment and let me know it there is a better way!)
In short, if there is a way to carry around a live DSTV broadcast of a game, then be certain that I will be the first to jump on board.

So after seeing only ONE ad on TV for the DSTV Drifta, I went out and got it. So I’m I happy?

The DSTV Drifta

Well to be honest, there are so many things wrong with the DSTV Drifta that I don’t care to list below.
As far as I am concerned there is only one upside – I’ve been able to watch games I normally would have missed. Which I must admit is very cool.

But the technology is still “cutting edge”. And when it comes to technology there is only one definition for cutting edge, which is “Shaving on the customer’s face”.
Here is how my face is being shaved on:
  1. Sometimes you have to do backflips to get a signal. If you are not a gymnast, sorry for you!
  2. It can take up to 20mins to get a signal. In fact I took the first Drifta back because I thought it was broken.
  3. However this is my biggest gripe. The Drifta comes with software for your laptop. But you can’t enlarge the screen to fit the size of your laptop’s screen. So you have a small little box on your laptop to watch a game. Now this is seriously rubbish.
I have other gripes like why isn’t DSTV mobile on Android phones? Currently you can get it on the iPhone. You also don’t get a decent movie or series channel with the package. Sorry DSTV I am just not into your Africa Magic channel on mobile. Get me a descent channel. I can also do without Channel O on the mobile device.

For the rest of the countries like Zambia and further North you can get DSTV mobile on the Nokia N8.
I got the DSTV Drifta for just over R500. At the moment there are no monthly fees for the broadcast which is a good thing. But I don’t think this will last very long.

Considering the games I have managed to watch on this rather limited and mostly irritating technology, I am still glad I got myself the Drifta.

However I think DSTV need to do a lot more work on it. Because right now, It’s not for the faint hearted!

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