Using Google Docs as a Photo Album

If you have always wanted an easy way to share a photo album on your blog or website here is a way to do just that.
If you are using Blogger for your site like I do then you probably already have a Google account. A Google account gives you access to Google Docs. Get yourself a free Google Account (Gmail) to get access to Google Docs.

In Google Docs, use the presentation feature to create a nice looking photo album. If you are not technically inclined then it might be easier for you to just use the photo album templates already in Google Docs.

To find a template just run a search for either scrap booking templates or photo templates. Make sure you search under the presentation templates to find the correct templates for this.

I will not go into too much detail here but the next steps involve you adding your photos to the template and then specifying that your presentation should be public.

Once Google Docs has made your presentation public, you can then use the "embed code" that Google Docs creates for you. Just copy and paste this code in your blog or website.

Pictures are always a useful way for small businesses or organizations to connect with clients or customers. The Google Docs presentation feature provides an easy to use option for creating interactive photo albums.

Below is a sample of all the above in action with lovely pictures from across the web.

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