Your Coolest App on Android

This has to be one of your coolest apps on Android. Although it is still new and released only a few months ago, Google Goggles definitely has huge potential. Here is what its all about…
Google Goggles blurs the line between the offline world and the online world by merging the two together. It uses your phone’s built in camera to “see” things.

Google Goggles

The idea here is that you can use Google Goggles to get more information on things that you are seeing in the real world. For example DVDs, Books, Businesses, Products, Barcodes, QR codes, Artwork and Text.
Let’s say you in a book shop and you see a really interesting book but you are not sure whether to buy it or not. The great thing about the internet is that you can read reviews and what others thought about the book. So you think to yourself, “Umm, let me find out what others are saying about this book on the internet before I buy it”.

So with Google Goggles on your phone you can do two things. Either take a picture of the front cover of the book or take a picture of its barcode. In either case, Google Goggles will bring up information about the book including book reviews. So no need to use the Google search engine, just take a picture and you are shown the relevant information.

After trying it out on several books and DVD’s I decided to check if Google Goggles could recognize faces of famous people. So I pulled up a picture of Tiger Woods, took a picture and snap, I had relevant information on Tiger Woods on my phone.

Once apps like Google Goggles mature they are going to have in impact on businesses. You can use an app like this in a store for example. You see a product that you like, take a picture of it, and you get instant information on how much is in stock in the store and what other similar products are in the store. Not only is this information useful to you it also helps the store sell you more products.

If you have ever shopped on, then you know that the site always gives you suggestions based on what product you are looking at on the site. Apps like Google Goggles could potential extend this suggestion capability into a real world store.

If you want a bit more information on Google Goggles check out the official video below. If you have an Android phone go to the market place and download the app and give a spin!

Google Goggles Official Video

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