Organize your Google Docs in your “My Documents” folder

This is a productivity trick and requires no technical know-how. If you know how to drag and drop, then it’s really simple…
Even though Google Docs allows you to group your documents into “Collections” which act as folders, you might still want to use the folder structure you already have on your PC to manage your online documents.
So a great work around is to drag and drop your Google Docs documents into the correct folder on your PC. See illustration below:
(click image to enlarge it)

As illustrated above, open the document in Google Docs. Open the folder on your PC where you want to save the document. Then drag the URL for your document and drop it into the folder.
This creates a direct link to your online document in the correct folder. And more importantly, you stay organized!
NB: this trick appeared via tips on LifeHacker.

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