A Google tool to help you scribe

Here is an interesting tool worth trying out, Google Scribe. It is still at lab stage so it's not ready for primetime yet. According to the official description the objective of this tool is to help you write better documents. Here is how it works...
Google Ideas
Google Scribe uses information you have already typed in a document and provides you with related word or phrase completion suggestions as you type. It also checks your document for incorrect phrases, punctuations, and other errors like misspellings. In addition to saving keystrokes, Google Scribe's suggestions indicate correct or popular phrases to use.
Hopefully these tools should assist you with writing better than average documents. Actually, I also found the tool useful for writing blog posts. It helped in formulating some ideas as I typed. But I think I still need to use it for a little longer before I can properly formulate an opinion on the product.
Nonetheless, I found it’s an interesting tool to try out and tinker with. I wonder if the intention is to eventually integrate it into Google Docs!
For more information on Google Scribe go here:

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