Introducing Google's official pitch into Social Networking

Google is formally making its pitch into the social networking world. It’s social network is called Google+ and it has some very interesting features to set it apart from other social networks.

The most interesting feature is perhaps the one called Circles which allows you to group people into different “circles of friends”. For instance you can have one circle for rugby mates, another for family, and yet another for workmates.

These circles allow you to share different things to different people. This is useful because just like in real life, you don’t want to share all your interests or information about yourself to everyone including your mom, dad and your boss.

Circles will be an easy way to group people in your life so you can pick and choose what to share with them. You can even have a Circle with only one person in it e.g. your boss.

Check out the video below for a simple demonstration on how Circles is going to work.

Another feature worth mentioning is called Spark. This feature is all about information you are interested in that is all over the web. All you have to do is type in your interests and the Google search engine will go out looking for this information and populate this section with all the latest information from the web.

The idea with Spark is that every time you log back in, you will find the latest information about your interests in the Spark section from around the web, therefore helping you get on top of what’s happening in your world.

On face value, I am intrigued and I have signed up to be notified as soon as Google+ goes live.

As one Google official put it, on Twitter you can only share a little at a time. On Facebook most people tend to share too much information about themselves, information that others shouldn't know about you. What Google is trying to do with Google+ is to be somewhere in the middle where it’s...just right and you are more in control.

For a more interactive tour of Google+ click this link and click on the "take tour" link (top left).

For more background on Google+ also check out Steven Levy’s article on Wired.

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