What is Google+ really about? Hint - it's not about Facebook or Twitter...

After only two weeks in "trial" mode, Google+ surpassed 10 million users. It's not yet open to the general public and not yet open to businesses which makes the number above even more staggering.

Although many initially thought that Google+ is about creating a better Facebook or Twitter, the truth is probably much closer to Google's goal of trying to usher in a new era of computing. In this excellent slide deck, Vincent Wong may have hit the nail on the head on what Google+ is really about...

If you think of how many people still email documents, pictures and other media to each other on a daily basis in order to collaborate and share important information, then you will be much closer to understanding the potential significance of Google+.

In this slick slide deck, Vincent Wong details the pieces of the puzzle. If you are leader in any organization, it may be time to start paying attention to something called cloud computing and how Google is planning on integrating Google+ across all of its assets.

Here is the slide deck by Vincent Wong: (click bottom right of the deck to enlarge)

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