Why you should know about HTML5!

HTML is how the Internet organizes information so that it makes sense to us humans. Right now, the Internet is running on HTML4. HTML5 is going to be the new version of this technology.

HTML5 is going to change everything! But don't take my word for it, just check out the capabilities in the video below.

For some context before you watch the video. There are two main things (for me anyway) that the current version of HTML is not particularly good at. The first is multimedia and the second is offline capability.

The current version of the Internet is just not that good at handling video or anything that is interactive. In addition to this the current version of the Internet requires you to be online all the time.

Both multimedia and offline capabilities are important to us consumers of the Internet today, so HTML5 is important. And that's why Google along with others is investing a lot in HTML5.

Very soon, Google is going introduce offline capability for Google Apps built using HTML5.

For the capabilities of HTML5, check out the video below. Personally, I can't wait to have more apps like the the one in this video. Marketers and advertisers should also get excited with what is demonstrated in this video. Opportunities abound.

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