App: Faster way to add Gmail attachments to Google Docs

Google Docs is great for organizing documents and searching your documents archive if you need to find something fast.

However, getting documents from your Gmail attachments into Google Docs requires you to first download the document and then upload it to Google Docs.

Here is an easier and faster way to add email attachments to Google Docs...

In my previous post, I wrote about a tool that allows you to link Google Docs to Dropbox. But if you are not interested in linking your docs to Dropbox, you can still use this same tool for faster document management.

The tool is Insync and you can download it here.

Insync initially replicates your current Google Docs and downloads your documents to your computer including the folder structure.

But its a two-way sync tool. Which means you can create new folders and add new documents to Google Docs right on your computer without having to open your browser.

As soon as you have an Internet connection, Insync synchronizes new additions or changes made on your computer back to your Google Docs account in the background. Incidentally this is also a great way to use Google Docs to backup up all your documents.

Next time you receive a document attachment in Gmail, simply download the attachment to your Insync folder and Insync will make sure the attachment is added to Google Docs.

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