A practical example of using Google Apps - finding a flat to rent

Cloud services are interesting when you use them to solve real world problems. Especially if you are busy and you need to get things done quickly.

Here is an example of how a few Google Apps helped with looking for a flat to rent...

After contacting a lot of estate agents with no luck, my wife and I ended up on Gumtree which has local listings for property to rent.

However, because we are both new to Cape Town we needed a map to work out the closest areas to our two work places.

We decided to use Google Maps and very quickly worked out which areas to look for on Gumtree.

Some properties we found on Gumtree had exact physical addresses. But for the ones we were not sure about we used Google Street View to scan the area at street level, and make certain the street wasn't dodgy. This spared us from making the trip to streets we clearly didn't like.

Finally, we had a few properties we wanted to physically inspect. So out came the Galaxy Tab.

Using a tool called Chrome to Phone, we sent the street addresses from Google Maps on the laptop directly to the Galaxy Tab, no cables involved! This was done over the Internet.

Now sitting in the car, we were then able to launch those addresses in the Google Maps app on the Galaxy Tab and with its built in GPS and turn by turn Navigation we drove to the places we wanted to see.

So there you go. The cloud services, Google Maps and Street View linked to the Galaxy Tab via the Chrome to Phone app. Worked like a charm.


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