Travelling? How to use Gmail offline...

One of the many fears of cloud computing is being unable to work when you lose your internet connection?

Whilst losing your connection in South Africa is a common occurrence, another reason you might lose an Internet connection is when you are travelling.

But have no fear. Here is how you can set up your Offline Google Mail...

The first step is to install the Google Chrome browser on your computer.

Apart from allowing you to work with Gmail offline, the Chrome browser is on track to becoming the de facto standard for Internet browsing. You will be in good company if you install it.

After installing Chrome on your computer, make sure you log into it (top left corner).

If you have multiple Gmail accounts check out the further reading below on how to work with multiple accounts.

Next...Install the Offline Google Mail app from the Chrome webstore. Here is the link.

When you are done installing the app, open it and follow the instructions it gives you.

You are now ready to use Gmail offline within your Chrome browser.

If you are curious about the technology behind the Offline Google Mail app check out this article.

You might also be happy to note that this same technology allows you to play Angry Birds using the Chrome browser on your computer.

Some additional tips:

  • Your offline emails are encrypted that's why you need the Chrome browser to log in.
  • Logging into your Chrome browser also allows you to easily switch between multiple Gmail accounts.

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