App: How you can use Twitter in Gmail

As the Internet gets more and more social, it's hard to stay productive if you are constantly using different tools to communicate with people in your network.

Using a single interface for communication helps you save time. To see how you can use Twitter right within Gmail check out this next tool...

Rapportive is an extension for the Chrome browser that adds social features to your Gmail account. The goal is simple. If you open an email from someone in Gmail, Rapportive quickly searches the Internet for that persons social profile across Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin plus other social networks (see picture below).

Twitter in Gmail

This means that right within your Gmail account you can view the persons latest tweets or updates and you can respond to the tweets.

Installing Rapportive in Gmail is easy and straight forward. If you are using Chrome, you can find the Rapportive extension here in the Chrome Web Store. If you are using another browser then check Rapportive's official website here.

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