A useful feature of Chrome that allows you to use multiple Google Accounts

It's not unusual to end up with multiple Google Accounts.

If you have always been using the free version of Gmail and your company decides to give you the paid version via Google Apps for Business then you would end up with two Google Accounts. One for your free Gmail account and the other for your company.

Here is how the Chrome browser can help you switch seamlessly between these two accounts.

The new version of Chrome gives you the ability to log into a particular account. If you open the Chrome browser and look at the top left corner, you should see a little avatar or picture that represents your profile (see picture above).

Click on the avatar, and if it asks you to log in enter your user name and password for either one of your Google Accounts.

Once done, click the avatar again, but this time click the "New User" option and log in with your second Google Account.

Now to switch from one account to the other, all you have to do is click the avatar and click on the profile you want to use.

I've tested this on about five different Google Accounts and it really is a time saver.

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