Why you must start using Google+ for your business

Previously I had a post on why you are going to end up using Google+.

But since then Google has tightly integrated Google+ into its core services to the extent that if you ignore Google+, your online business profile will increasingly become disadvantaged.

Here is why....

Whilst it's easy to assume that Google+ is trying to be another Facebook, this assumption hides the big picture.

From the time Google was born, it's been really good at one thing...Search.

Google has been, for a long time, the go to place to find information online. However its rise to search dominance took place in an environment which didn't have today's significant social networks namely Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Increasingly these heavy hitting social networks are becoming the go to places to find information online. This scenario is a risk for Google.

To put it simply the search landscape is changing as follows:

- In the good ol' days: go to Google, type in what you are looking for, and Google helps you find it.

- Nowadays: log into Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin and your friends, family and connections share information with you.

This means you don't always have to go in search of information. If you connect to the right people on social networks, information will come searching for you.

To be part of this movement, the simple solution for Google would have been to partner with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. But life is seldom black and white. So Google created its own social network, Google+.

The big picture here is that Google+ is not competing for your "friends" on Facebook etc, instead, it's competing for how YOU connect to "information" online.

Have you read Google's mission statement before? It's always a useful indicator of what Google is trying to achieve with most of its services. Here is a reminder of what it says:

"Google’s mission is to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful." (source: http://www.google.com/about/corporate/company/)

And staying true to its mission, the big day for Google+ "the social network" happened recently. It got tightly integrated into the powerful Google Search Engine. The objective? To organize the world's information in an era where this information is increasingly sitting inside social networks and not on websites. (official announcement here: Official Google Blog: Search, plus Your World)

So why should your business be on Google+?

It's because from now on Google+ is going to play a big role in how people connect to information about you or your business on the Google Search Engine.

If you are thinking of Search Engine Optimization for your business, you now have to include Google+ in your plans.

The Internet is fast changing from being a web of websites to being a web of people connected to information via social networks. And there is no turning back.

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