Report: Seven useful websites by Google you might NOT know about

Google has a number of websites that are useful to know about, but unless you are looking really hard for them you probably will not see them in your day to day browsing.

Here is a list of seven useful websites by Google that you might not know about...


Woza Online is a free website creation tool by Google. It is especially aimed at businesses that are looking to quickly create a website without the cost of hiring a web designer. The tool is being rolled out globally but customized by country. Woza Online is the South African version and is easy to use if you don't know anything about creating a website.


Are you interested in big ideas and learning about what industry experts think the future looks like? If you are a curious individual then you probably want to check out this site - Think With Google. The site has a quarterly newsletter called Think Insights, video conversations with industry experts and free research tools provided by Google. If you are looking for some big ideas then this is a useful site to get some.


Google allows its employees to work on personal side projects to keep their minds occupied. This site came out of one of these side projects. The idea is simple, the site is a support resource where you can send your parents, or older folks that a struggling to use a computer, to learn about how to do simple things on a computer e.g. copy and paste. The idea is to save you from becoming the "Family Tech Support" by sending the people you love to a place where they can learn basic computer skills.


Are you concerned about all the data you have in Google's services and want to remove some of this data? Then the site you need to go to is the Data Liberation site. On this site Google has put together all the resources you need to remove personal data off of their data centres and close any Google services you don't want to use any more. Google created this site to help you stay in control of what is on Google's servers.


The Good to Know website by Google is the place to go if you want to learn a little about staying safe on the Internet and how Google uses your data. In recent times data privacy on the Internet has become a really hot topic with competitors in the tech industry throwing rotten eggs at each other. This site is a good place to start learning about how to protect yourself and how your data is used by Google.


Google has a suite of services specifically for businesses. These services combined are called Google Apps for Business and include everything from Gmail for Business to Google+ for business. If you want lessons on how to use some of these tools in your business then this learning portal is a good place to start. If you want to see some useful case studies for Google Apps then also check out the site here


And last but not least is a useful site called What Browser by Google. I have included this site because I was amazed to find out in this video, and at the office, that a lot of people can't answer the following true or false question correctly:

True or False: A browser is exactly the same as a search engine?

If you are unsure about the answer to this question, and believe me you are not alone, then check out the What Browser site and the 2min video there.

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