App: Get Only The News You Want to Read By Using The Google News App

Problem: As a busy exec you want to quickly scan through the daily news focusing only on news that is important to you.

Solution: Using the Google News app you can filter the news so you get a daily summary of just the news that you want to see.

Google News
How does it work: You can create automatic filters by industry, companies, keywords, people or whatever newsworthy topic you want to keep an eye on (e.g. MTN; Mining; Maria Ramos, Hurricane Sandy etc). You define the parameters of the filters.

Additionally you can also define sources of the news such as News24, Business Day, The Daily Maverick etc.

Why Google News: The Google News App works on any device with an internet/data connection and a browser. This means you can view the latest news on your Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone.

How to setup: You need to have a free Google Account or a Gmail account. This account allows you to define the news filters in the Google News app and save them. If you already have an account go to the Google News site, login and use the Setup Button on Google News (it’s shaped like a cogwheel, top-right) to define the filters that you want to use.

See the video below for the basics on using Google News.

Tip: If you are a little more tech savvy, you can save Google News as an app on your smartphone or tablet by first creating a bookmark in your device’s browser and then saving the bookmark as an app on your smartphone’s home screen.

For more information on how to use Google News check out the official support page here Or leave a comment or question below.

Summary: If you want to quickly filter through the daily noise and get to the news you are interested in based on parameters that you define yourself, Google News helps you do this with access from any device.

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