Video: Productivity Demo of The Galaxy Note 10

Summary: The Galaxy Note 10's apps combined with the S Pen make it a formidable productivity tool.

Brief: This demo shows real multitasking; shape match; formula match; photo editing; S Planner; and the Learning Hub.

For more information on the South African version of the Galaxy Note 10 visit this site.



  1. That is a great video!

    I was so excited to see the Note 10.1 launch...until I saw its resolution. 1024x768...really?!? If it only at least matched the iPad 3rd gen on that factor, it would have blown the iPad out of the water (except on number of apps optimised for tablets, of course.) I am really rooting for a Note 10.2 with the specs of the coming Nexus 10 tablet...the S Pen and multi-window functionality, and with Android no less, is all I want! Android FTW...soon in tablets, hopefully. I can't stand iOS...but I make do with my iPad 3.

    Samsung seems to really push the native apps in the video...I wonder how well other apps from the play store integrate with its multi-window multitasking and S-Pen?

    And the following is key for me...the iPad has apps, like NoteTakerHD, which lets you write in a special writing area at the bottom, which actually records as much smaller (and screen real estate saving) writing at the top of the, this way, you can write a lot more in one page than you could otherwise. No need to zoom in or out or pan the page whilst zoomed in to write. Does Android have such a tablet optimised app? I could only hope!

  2. Hey Stanley. Love your comment. Also my thinking regarding this is that since Android is now making up 75% of mobile shipments (see link below), it's just a matter of time that Apple's dominance in the tablet space is going to be under pressure from the Android community. This will probably translate into more apps in the ecosystem for Android tablets. Samsung is definitely making it interesting with its line products.


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