App: Save Time By Turning Your Twitter Stream Into An Online Newspaper

Problem: As a busy Exec you don't have time to go through tweets on Twitter, but you would like to get a snapshot of what's happening on Twitter.

Solution: This App turns your Twitter stream into a digital newspaper and curates the most popular tweets from the people you are following on Twitter for your convenience.

How does it work: Using you can chose people whose tweets you want to curate. You can curate tweets from main stream Twitter accounts like @CNN or specific people like me @ChenkaNkhata.

Why also creates a mobile friendly version of your digital newspaper so you can view news on the go.

How to setup: You need to have a Twitter account. Follow the instructions on to connect with your Twitter account then add people to the sources section in to curate content.

Tip: If you want to see how works have a look at my newspaper with content from people I am following on Twitter: Chenka's World on Twitter

For more ideas on using see the video below by Guy Kawasaki (formerly of Apple).

Summary: gives a nice snapshot of interesting news in your Twitter stream. Use it If you don't have time to look for interesting tweets on your Twitter account.

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