Smart Clothes Could Change Everything


As the digital health and wellness industry continues to blossom, various health industry players, from startups to incumbents, are innovating to incorporate technology seamlessly into every day wellbeing and in the same breath evolving business models. Companies such as Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike Fuelband are already leading in this space.

However, a great example of the changing landscape is a startup company called OMSignal. This company is working hard on putting health sensors into the clothes you wear , for example, they are making smarter shirts. These shirts can monitor everything from how many calories you are burning; your stress levels; and how active you are. The technology can also be used to alert your close friends and family if your vitals indicate that your life is in danger. All of this functionality is being woven into shirts. For a great overview of the technology and OMSignal's vision see the video below.

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